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JoySens 1.50 + source updated for 6.xx Custom Firmwares

23/03/2011 20:00
Neur0n has updated another popular plug-in JoySens. He’s edited it to work with 6.xx firmwares, so thats your 6.20 HEN, 6.35 and 6.37 CFW’s. JoySens is a prx plug-in that enables you to tweak all aspects of your PSP joystick / joypad. Remap your PSP buttons, reset the joysticks...

Do You Smell What The New US PSN Update Is Cookin'?

23/03/2011 17:44
The North American PlayStation Store got a decent content update which features a downloadable release of DC Universe Online and Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy being the biggest releases of the week. PlayStation Move Heroes will hit the store later on in the week. There's also a new...

All of NGP's Physical Titles Will Be Released Digitally Too!

22/03/2011 15:42
The NGP is Sony's new PlayStation-branded handheld. It delivers a great media center and a solid gaming platform and this is all powered with hardware which is superior to other consoles such as the Xbox360. The whole question at-hand is how will digital downloads work? SCEA hasn't managed to...

NewSlide for PSPgo’ers

22/03/2011 15:38
  Brand new and only for you — you lucky PSPgo owners! It’s NewSlide from Afrothunder … an entry and contestant in the PSP Genesis competition. NewSlide fires up an EBOOT (example included) of choice when you slide close the PSPgo. Activate the prx in vsh.txt and copy whatever...

TempAR v1.60 Released

22/03/2011 15:36
  Good times ahead when you can simply cheat your way through the tough ones — raing3′s freshly updated TempAR — for all your [offline] game cheating needs. It’s a plugin: you download it, activate it (in game.txt and/or pops.txt) and cheat usingCWCHEAT and Action...

Pump Up The Jam! Audio Boost for 6.20/6.3X

22/03/2011 15:34
  Crank it! Install and activate “boost.prx” to achieve a ~ 30% dB increase. To activate press Home + R-Trigger. Thanks neur0n! Download: Audio Boost for 6.2X/6.3X

Mobile Assault v1.7.2

21/03/2011 18:52
  Mobile Assault gets an update this weekend. New in version 1.7.2 is the second bugfix release since 1.7. This fixes the bug where SAM sites wouldn’t shoot at the player. Making the game just that little a bit easier! Custom missions was also fixed in 1.7.1. Mobile Assault...

System Observer Ver.1.10

21/03/2011 18:50
  This plug-in by Mafu is interesting. It’s a application that shows real time monitoring of your PSP’s CPU utilization and the status of your battery, how many hours and the battery %. At first glace you would say we already have 1 or 2 plug-ins that do this. However...

Mad Blocker Alpha Revenge Of The Fluzzles [English][MINIS]

20/03/2011 13:36
Downlaod now

Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive [MULTI2][Parcheado]

20/03/2011 13:36
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