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PSP Custom Firmware 6.37 Minimum Edition (ME) Released

23/02/2011 15:00

…for again PSP-2000 (non-v3) only. And as far as stability goes, well that remains to be seen… From the read me: “The degree of stability is still unknown. Please test it on your own and refer to different people’s test reports.” So yeah, ensure your Pandora battery is ready to go.

neur0n’s latest custom firmware — CFW 6.37 ME v1 — packs a cool “dual-booting” feature I’ve yet to see anywhere. Pressing and holding the “Home” button, from a cold boot, will boot into OFW — Sony’s official 6.37 firmware … of course pressing & holding nothing boots CFW.

PSP Custom Firmware 6.37 ME Features

  • Recovery Menu: accessible when holding R Trigger from a cold boot.
  • OPNSSMP: lets you run ISOs without decrypting (or patching) EBOOT.BIN if the game’s required firmware is lower than 6.37. Enable this under Recovery Menu -> Advanced -> Advanced Config -> Execute OPNSSMP.bin

See Readme.txt (included) for installation instruction

PSP CFW 6.37 ME v1
PSP OFW 6.37

s. You’ll require the OFW 6.37 EBOOT too.

Topic: PSP Custom Firmware 6.37 Minimum Edition (ME) Released

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