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1.50 Kernel Addon V2 for 3.90 M33 Released

23/02/2011 15:15


Meka-leka-hai, meka-leka-cha-ni-ho — the custom firmware genie, Dark_AleX, makes it so. Enjoy 1.50 kernel-enabled homebrew on your phat PSP running custom firmware 3.90 M33.

Upgrade instructions: copy to /PSP/GAME and run.

1.50 Kernel Addon v2 changes:

  • TA086: when being in 4th brightness level and recovering from sleep mode, the display was black. Fixed.
  • Added support in the 1.50 kernel for memory sticks greater than 4 GB. (I finally got my 8GB card!) Before, only the first 4 GB portion was recognized by the 1.5 kernel. Now, the theoretical limit is 4GB*512 = 2 Terabytes. (“only” 1 TB, if Sony were using signed variables).

Download: 1.50 Kernel Addon v2 for 3.90 M33
(for PSP Phat on CFW 3.90 M33 only)

Topic: 1.50 Kernel Addon V2 for 3.90 M33 Released

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