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Patched Again: PspStates and Audio Boost

31/03/2011 22:18

Neur0n shares newly patched versions of PspStates and Audio Boost for your PSP; more specifically for your 6.20 TN-enabled PSP. Both plugins have been patched to increase compatibility with 6.20 TN and PspStates has also been fixed up to work better on 05g (PSPgo) models.

PspStates, again, lets you save the exact state of any game, anytime, anywhere, regardless of check or save points. You can then return to that state and continue gameplay afterward.

Audio Boost speaks for itself; it increases the volume of your PSP by ~ 30% dB. Mind you, you may experience distortion … but test it out and you may like what you hear.

PspStates v2
Audio Boost v4c

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