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6.20 TN-D Perma Patch Released

10/03/2011 20:57


Liquidzigong with an EBOOT that’ll permanently patch 6.20 TN-Dinto flash memory, meaning with each and every boot you’ll automatically be homebrew enabled. Now that’s cool. It no doubt works on PSP-1000 models, I’ve read success reports on PSP-3000, in fact there is a video below, PSP-2000′s I have no idea, and PSPgo users … you’re SOL for sure. Maybe next time.

Disable “PROTECT FLASH0″ in the VSH menu before running the patch.

Use this patch at your own risk. It does write to flash memory. You’ve been warned.

Update: I’m seeing mixed reports with respect to PSPgo compatibility — some bricks, some success. Either way it’s in your hands now.

Download: 6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch

Topic: 6.20 TN-D Perma Patch Released

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