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Cheat device: TempAR v1.61 Released

01/04/2011 09:49

 has updated his cheat device application . This is a bug fix release over version 1.60. This release has double the value search speed, plus some random bugs have been fixed.
TempAR v1.60 changelog:

Changes in v1.61 (March 30, 2011)
[+] Fixed value search speed is almost twice as fast.
[+] Added tempar_autooff.prx. This plugin will revert normal 8/16/32-bit constant
write codes to their original values when the cheat is deactivated. This is so
ASM codes don’t require a separate off code. If the constant write codes arrrgh
within a conditional or arrrgh influenced by another code type their values will
not be restored.
[!] Fixed some random bugs

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Topic: Cheat device: TempAR v1.61 Released

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