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Custom Firmware 3.90 M33 Released

23/02/2011 15:14


Update: And, for us fat users only, the 1.50 Kernel Add-on…

Dark_AleX with the quickness — custom firmware 3.90 M33 is here! You’ll require Sony’s official 3.90 update; fetch that below or let Dark_AleX’s M33 network updater download it for you.

3.90 M33 changes:

  • 3.80 -> 3.90
  • March33 NO UMD: fixed (yet another) bug related with exiting with home. (infinite semaphore wait)

M33 Updater changes:

  • The degeneration check and correction of IDS keys happens too in 3.71 now.
  • Added code to download 3.90 PBP from net via wifi. Note that his code is not yet 100% stable, it may crash when selecting AP. In that case, re-init the installer.
  • L+triangle has been restored as method to bypass battery. If you already have 390.PBP keep those buttons pressed until you see “Veryfing 390.PBP”. If the 390.PBP is being downloaded via wifi, press those buttons at the end of download until you see the previous sentence.

CFW 3.90 M33
CFW 3.90 M33 — 1.50 Kernel Add on (Fat only)
Sony’s 3.90 FW Update

Topic: Custom Firmware 3.90 M33 Released

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