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Custom Firmware Enabler v3.20 Released

23/02/2011 15:11



And another one! Xenogears and Becus25 steering clear of the drama train with Custom Firmware Enabler v3.20. Again, this enables custom firmware features on your 5.03 PSP-3000 or TA-088v3 equipped hand-held. Use it with Team Typhoon’s ChickHEN.

CFWEnabler v3.20 changes…

  • Now you can use plugins that are not on seplugins folder.
  • Now we use our own systemctrl, not GENyUS ones.
  • Version is now 5.00M33-6.
  • Native 5.03 Pops is now supported.
  • MS Speed Patch available.
  • Fixed bug that did not patch version.txt properly.
  • Quick Start mode (Autostart if you don’t press R Trigger).

ChickHEN R2
CFWEnabler v3.20 for ChickHEN R2

Topic: Custom Firmware Enabler v3.20 Released

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