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Custom Firmware Extender (CFE) 1.9.2 *Updated*

23/02/2011 15:12


Update: CFE 1.9.2 is here…

  • Fixed a stupid bug with nethost in cfe_vsh that was causing to always connect to the computer ip address \\\”\\\”.

Update: v1.9 has just been released. And the changelog says:

  • Added iso and homebrew redirection via WIFI with the use of dark alex nethostfs optimized by ahman. (iso streaming is not really usable due to speed transfer)
  • Memory usage optimized.
  • Text rendering graphically optimized.
  • Maybe more…

Cpasjuste has bundled and released a collection of very handy PRX modules, better known as plugins, responsible for extending the functionality of custom firmware 3.71 M33.

Considering it’s the first time we’ve covered custom firmware extender; rather than post the v1.8 change log, here’s the complete feature list:

  • Stream ISOs via USB.
  • Hook some VSH menu functions.
  • Start a ftpd server while under the VSH (PSP Menu).
  • Make some in-game videos with the help of remotejoy from tyranid.
  • Reset the PSP with a button while under the VSH (PSP Menu) or in-game (UMD/ISO).
  • Power off the PSP with a button while under the VSH (PSP Menu) or in-game (UMD/ISO).
  • Change the speed of the PSP CPU/FSB while under the VSH (PSP Menu) or in-game (UMD/ISO).
  • Start and stop USB Mass Storage under the VSH (PSP Menu) while browsing.
  • Enable USB Mass Storage at startup.
  • Take a screenshot while under the VSH (PSP Menu) or in-game (UMD/ISO) saved in the PICTURE folder.
  • Set a default CPU/BUS speed at startup.
  • Set a default brightness level at startup.
  • Enable brightness button to go to the max level.
  • Fully configurable via a configuration file.

Installation, usage, and everything else can be found in README.TXT.

Download: Custom Firmware Extender 1.9.2

Topic: Custom Firmware Extender (CFE) 1.9.2 *Updated*

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