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CWCHEAT 0.2.3 and PSP CheatUp 0.31 Released

28/02/2011 21:02



These two ‘brews go together like Guinness and Cristal, if you know what I’m talking ’bout… Download Weltall’s CWCHEAT and keep its cheat database up-to-date with Raing3′s PSP CheatUp. It’s the best way to cheat your way through each and every PSP game. My word.

(Dated) PSP CheatUp Screens:

PSP CheatUp Screenshot #1 PSP CheatUp Screenshot #2 PSP CheatUp Screenshot #3 PSP CheatUp Screenshot #4 PSP CheatUp Screenshot #1 PSP CheatUp Screenshot #6

You know the drill… The changes, the downloads — they all follow…


CWCHEAT 0.2.3:

  • rebuilt with latest toolchain
  • updated db to latest version in the site
  • there is an cheat refresh hz functionality but i coded it one year ago so i’m unsure if it works and how it works right now
  • consider this an untested beta

PSP CheatUp 0.30:

  • Added: If cheatpops.db is included in the downloaded archive it is installed when selecting the CWCheat install option (added for possible future usage).
  • Added: If CheatMaster Fusion is the selected cheat engine the installation of the CMF files can be overridden by holding the R trigger when selection Install Cheats.
  • Fixed: USB disconnection related problems should be fixed.
  • Fixed: If cheats don’t exist in the downloaded archive for the selected cheat engine they will not be removed upon installation.
  • Fixed: Increased the size of message buffers properly this time.
  • Other: PSP CheatUp now reboots itself instead of exiting to the XMB when updated.
  • Other: Cheat/application update and cheat installation can now be canceled (must hold down CIRCLE to cancel).

PSP CheatUp 0.31:

  • Fixed: Application update bug introduced in version 0.30.
  • Fixed: Various other bugs.

PSP CheatUp 0.31


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