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Daedalus R14 (N64 Emulator) Beta Released

28/02/2011 21:16


Update: Not having much luck with Wally’s Daedalus? Well another [unofficial] R14 release has sprung up from CaptainMorgan4. Here’s what the Captain had to say:

Since Wally released his updated version of the R14beta I find it basically harmless to release here the R14beta I have from the previous “Daedalus R14beta” thread not too long ago. Anyway I believe it’s pretty stable it works great with my PSP so I figured I’d let you guys check it out.

Daedalus Lives!

Wally has picked up the seemingly silent StrmnNrmn Daedalus project and has issued R14 beta.

Newcomers should know Daedalus emulates the Nintendo 64 console; it’s in the beta stages of development and many roms aren’t playable. Although, you should still give it a shot — Daedalus deserves it.

Longtime readers — R14 exhibits some improvement, but is said to be slightly buggier. You win some you lose some.

Daedalus R14 changes:

  • A bit of ME support
  • A tad faster
  • A bit buggier.
  • New Icons etc

Known issues:

  • Debug menus popup – these are bypass-able by pressing the SQUARE button and shouldn’t be very often.

Wally’s Daedalus R14 Beta
CaptainMorgan4′s Daedalus R14 Beta (1.50 & Slim included)