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GameCategories v4 Released: Categorize Your Homebrew

24/02/2011 10:25


Do you have a mess of homebrew loaded on your memory stick? Apps, games, emulators, PSOne EBOOTs, whatever… Make things easier for yourself with Bubbletune’s Game Categories plugin. It’s so slick, check how GameCategories integrates with the XMB –

GameCategories Screenshot (Context Mode) GameCategories Screenshot (Multiple MS Mode)

GameCategories V4 changes:

  • Recoded entire project.
  • Added support for 5.50 GEN.
  • Added new mode, “Context menu”, see below for more information (this replaces pre-game-menu mode).
  • Added new option under System Settings to pick your mode instead of the ctrl combo.
  • Added possibility to translate the plugin to your own language.
  • Order of your categories is now calculated from their modification time instead of randomly.
  • Changed remap code, a lot of character and count limits should now be gone or decreased, including SCE limits.
  • Show All option was removed in order to aid the removal of certain limits.
  • Fixed compatibility with a lot plugins.

Download: GameCategories v4

Topic: GameCategories v4 Released: Categorize Your Homebrew

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