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NGP - The Successor to the PSP

23/02/2011 14:47
NGP - The Successor to the PSP

The PSP acronym is now a thing of the past. Joystiq is reporting that the new handheld, which was announced at the Sony event held in Tokyo, will be called the NGP (Next Generation Portable). It will feature a 5 inch OLED touch screen with a 960x544 resolution. A secondary 5 inch touch panel will be located on the back of the device. Dual analogue sticks are present - one below the directional pad and the other directly below the PS buttons.

NGP LiveArea will be replacing the XMB. So long XMB! You were cool. I wonder when/if LiveArea will make its way to the PS3.

3G support has been confirmed but no details on the types of functionality we'll be able to utilize, or how the networking aspect between other NGP's will work.

Physical media will be present and will come in the form of flash based cards. No UMD's.

Topic: NGP - The Successor to the PSP

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