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NVG Card Format Will Be Extra Secure

23/02/2011 14:49
NVG Card Format Will Be Extra Secure

The NVG card format will be the new standard for games on the PSP's successor and can also store downloadable content. Although this sounds awesome, Sony has revealed that the NVG card format for NGP games will provide an "extra layer of security". This is most likely due to the PSP being hacked to shit and the recent PS3 hacking scene in general. I wouldn’t have expected anything less and I think it’s decent that Sony is making their systems a little more secure. The PS3 used to be the most secure system ever, so I think Sony would have learnt from their mistakes. However, telling the public crucial information like this may tempt hackers to crack open Sony’s systems even more. I guess we'll have to wait and see how secure this system is. We'll learn more in the months to come.

We'll keep you posted.

Topic: NVG Card Format Will Be Extra Secure

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