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PicoDrive v1.40b Released: SEGA Genesis/CD Emulator Updated

28/02/2011 21:17


Here’s one you may have possibly forgotten about, or perhaps you’ve never seen before… Step back into the good ol’ SEGA Genesis/CD days with developer Notaz’ PicoDrive version 1.40b.

This release is primarily bug fixes and whatnot; don’t expect any speed increase.

PicoDrive v1.40b changes:

  • Fixed sprite masking code. Thanks to Lordus for explaining how it works.
  • Added “disable sprite limit” option.
  • Added black level adjustment to display options.
  • Changed reset to act as ‘soft’ reset.
  • Added detection for Puggsy (it doesn’t really have sram).
  • Some small timing adjustments.
  • Added support for SVP (Sega Virtua Processor) to emulate Virtua Racing. No recompiler for PSP version though.
  • Changed config file format, files are now human-readable. Game specific configs are now held in single file (but old game config files are still read when new one is missing).
  • Fixed a bug where some key combos didn’t work as expected.
  • Adjusted fast renderer to work with more games, including VR.
  • Fixed a problem where SegaCD RAM cart data was getting lost on reset.
  • PicoDrive now comes with a game config file for some games which need special settings, so they should now work out-of-the-box. More games will be added with later updates.

Download: PicoDrive 1.40b