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POC: Permanent CFW/HEN is Possible

09/03/2011 14:11


In a recent experiment kgsws set out to find permanence for CFW installs… And the result: success! Winning like Chuck Sheen, kgsws has shared a proof-of-concept; however, I’d only attempt this on a FAT PSP-1000 handheld until further notice.

How to:

  1. install OFW 6.20
  2. use HEN to run PSP filer
  3. obtain original lfatfs.prx
  4. decrypt original lfatfs.prx, also get kirk header for later fake encryption
  5. compile fake lfatfs.prx (attached below)
  6. append zeros to fake lfatfs.prx to make it as big as original, uncompressed lfatfs.prx
  7. gzip fake lfatfs.prx, it has to be at least 16 bytes smaller than original lfatfs.prx gzipped
  8. use any fake encrypter to encrypt your fake lfatfs.prx, keep original lfatfs.prx ~PSP hader and kirk header
  9. copy fake lfatfs.prx to flash0:/kd/, overwrite original
  10. restart your PSP and watch

Again: PSP-1000 only … because kgsws has written IPL drivers specific to the TA-079 board, most commonly found in PSP-1000 models. It’s a safe bet this’ll lead to other models being hacked the same way. So unless you really know what you’re doing I wouldn’t test this on anything else.


  • you must append zeros to make it as big as original
  • you must gzip it
  • you must use original lfatfs.prx ~PSP and kirk headers
  • every PRX in flash contains signcheck = your PRX is bound to your PSP
  • this won’t allow you to enter OFW anymore, you will have to use pandora to flash it again
  • this trick will likely work on new PSPs, but this small LCD driver not, and your PSP will become useless anyway (so wait for CFW)

kgsws’ idea for custom firmware: “Use fake lfatfs.prx as CFW “SystemControl” module, and instead only patching also load original lfatfs.prx (which will be renamed).”

Awwwesome! Cheers to kgsws with thanks to Boosters IPL SDK.

Download: fake lfatfs.prx (source code)

Topic: POC: Permanent CFW/HEN is Possible

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