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Profile Manager Released – A New PSP Plugin

18/03/2011 22:00

A developer going by the name USpeed has released a handy plugin, particularly handy for those who share their PSP with siblings and/or other peeps. If that’s you then you should give USpeed’s Profile Manager a run. Profile Manager creates separate, customizable profiles for each user (up to 20) and most importantly keeps your game saves safe and isolated from one another.



  • Copy “profileManager.prx” to “PSP/sepugins”
  • Edit “PSP/seplugins/vsh.txt” and/or “PSP/seplugins/game.txt” to add the line “ms0:/seplugins/profileManager.prx 1″
  • Reboot your PSP.

How’s it work?

  • USpeed Profile Manager will switch between all folders “SAVEDATA_<NUMBER>” in order to activate current profile on “SAVEDATA” folder.
  • The plugin can manage up to 20 different profiles (folders “SAVEDATA_<NUMBER>”)
  • Current profile is on “SAVEDATA” folder to work with standard.
  • A savegame in folder “USPM20110315″ will allow to customize your name, icon and colors.

How to customize your profile

  • Go to “PSP/SAVEGAME/USPM20110315″ or “PSP/SAVEGAME_<NUMBER>/USPM20110315″
  • Change “profile.bmp” picture but keep image size to 28x28px and resolution at 24 bits in BITMAP format.
  • Edit “profile.infos” as you like:
    • “name” : profile name that is displayed (up to 15 chars, truncated after !)
    • “box” : frame color (hexa value like “FF0000″ for red)
    • “border” : border color (hexa value like “FF0000″ for red)
    • “text” : name text color (hexa value like “FF0000″ for red)


  • Press “Square” button (and keep it pressed) to display “USpeed Profile Manager”.
  • Once displayed, you can change current profile to which you want by pressing “L” or “R” trigger.
  • Release “square” button when you’ve made your selection.
  • Once your profile is selected you can stop the plugin by pressing “L” and “R” simultaneously.

I should also mention Profile Manager is an entry in the PSP Genesis Competition.

Download: Profile Manager v1.0.25

Thanks to bsanehi for the heads up.

Topic: Profile Manager Released – A New PSP Plugin

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