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PSP Custom Firmware Enabler v3.70 Released

23/02/2011 14:58

Here’s something for all you PSP-3000 and 2000 (TA-088v3) owners this holiday season… Wrapped in a zip signed Xenogears with love — PSP Custom Firmware Enabler v3.70.

Lets just hope you haven’t upgraded your PSP past 5.03 yet; CFWE requires ChickHEN R2 (or MHUSpeed) and Sony’s official 5.03 firmware. For the moment there is no possible way to downgrade.

Xenogears also hints that interesting developments are ahead…

Stay tuned.

Custom Firmware Enabler v3.70:

  • Improved uninstalling system.
  • Improved the internal patching.
  • Fixed internal errors.
  • Code restructured.
  • Patch MHUSpeed.
  • Menu of change of custom.
  • Mac switch menu customized.
  • Menu MHUFS.

Download: Custom Firmware Enabler v3.70

Topic: PSP Custom Firmware Enabler v3.70 Released

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