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PSP2 to Include OLED Screen and 3G Support

23/02/2011 14:46
PSP2 to Include OLED Screen and 3G Support

Have you been dying to hear about any news relating to the PSP2? You're not alone my friend. I think the line up starts at somewhere down the road. We did post an article not too long ago that may have offered a shimmering ray of hope in your eyes about when official news may or may not be revealed to keep you from beating Sony's doors down. Well I'm back again today to let you know that another report has came about so you can have a little better sense of what's in store for Sony's latest handheld.

Reporting from Japan, the newspaper Nikkei has laid claim to a few more tid bits of information pertaining to the PSP2. First off, an OLED screen. Awesome. OLED will look absolutely stunning. Second, support for 3G data. This will ensure that you'll be able to play multiplayer games and connect to the PSN seamlessly over the air. No word yet on whether or not a particular cellular service plan is required or if a cellular carrier will have exclusive rights. Also, there are no phone capabilities for this device. That will be reserved for the possible simultaneous announcement of the PSPhone" (Xperia Play) "

For more stay tuned to see if Sony officially announces the PSP2 in Tokyo on the 27th.

Topic: PSP2 to Include OLED Screen and 3G Support

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