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PSP2600 v1.1.3: Atari 2600 Emulator Updated

28/02/2011 21:17


News flash: Atari isn’t dead, nor is their 1977 video game console — the Atari 2600. Relive the era which started it all; well, sort of… ZX-81 has released an update giving the emulator a slight performance boost. More details below.


PSP2600 v1.1.3 changes:

  • Eboot music from Observe & Control (big thanks to Gnuth!)
  • Rewrite many parts of the code for speed improvements, but sadly not enough to play pitfall2+…

PSP2600 v1.1.3 fw 1.50
PSP2600 v1.1.3 cfw 3.xx
PSP2600 v1.1.3 source code