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PSPDragon v1.0.3: Dragon / Tandy Coco Emulator Updated

28/02/2011 21:17



If you’re one who experienced any audio related issues with ZX-81′s recent port of X-roar, you’ll be pleased to know PSPDragon version 1.0.3 corrects that. Enjoy the new crisp clear sound of the Dragon / Tandy Coco emulator.

PSPDragon v1.0.3 changes:

  • Fix sound issue using the patch sent by original X-roar’s author, aka Ciaran himself (big thanks to him!) The sound on game such as “Demon Attack” is now much better.

PSPDragon v1.0.3 (fw 1.50)
PSPDragon v1.0.3 (cfw 3.xx)
PSPDragon v1.0.3 source