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PSPMO5 v1.0.3: Thomson MO5 Emulator

28/02/2011 21:18


The Thomson MO5 just got faster, thanks to ZX-81′s latest — PSPMO5 version 1.0.3. Newcomers should know PSPMO5 is ported from Daniel Coulom’s DCMO5, that being available for many platforms.


PSPMO5 v1.0.3 changes:

  • Major speed improvements, now full speed with 50 fps even at 133Mhz
  • Bug fix in file requester
  • Adjust the different render modes

PSPMO5 v1.0.3 fw 1.50
PSPMO5 v1.0.3 cfw 3.xx
PSPMO5 v1.0.3 source code