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PspStates for 6.20 HEN and 6.3X CFWs

20/03/2011 13:33


You know with the PSPgo how you’re able to save the exact state of any game, exit out to the XMB to do whatever and return to said game later on, picking up exactly where you left off, regardless of checkpoints, save points etc. You remember the days before PSPgo when Dark_AleX released PspStates for 5.00 M33, which did exactly as the PSPgo, only with the ability to save more than one game state at a time? Back in the day Total_Noob also released a modified version of PspStates for 5.50 GEN. If you’ve been a longtime reader you know exactly what’s up, and if you’re a newcomer, get a load of PspStates because neur0n has released a patched version for 6.20 HEN and 6.3X CFW.

Note: PspStates is only compatible with models succeeding the “Fat” PSP-1000; models with more RAM. Refer to the included readme.txt (the original from Dark_AleX) to learn what’s what.

Update: This just in from @Toddimyre —

According to the readme in the new PSP States, Dark Alex says to flash “umdcache.prx”. I’ve found that you can just disable, “UMD Cache” in “System Settings” and skip flashing “umdcache.prx”.

Good to know!

Download: PspStates for 6.20/6.3X

Topic: PspStates for 6.20 HEN and 6.3X CFWs

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