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PSPVE v1.0.2: Vectrex Emulator Updated

28/02/2011 21:14


Considering ZX-81′s current track record, you knew an updated version of PSPVE was just around the corner. Now relive your childhood through PSPVE v1.0.2 — the near perfected Vectrex emulator for the PlayStation Portable.


PSPVE v1.0.2 changes:

  • Major speed improvements:
    • 6809 emulation
    • vector rendering
    • remove vector cash (buggy and time consuming)
  • Sound emulation completely rewritten and inspired from 8910 driver of xmame.
  • The rotate 90′ view is now much faster and it is used as default render mode.
  • Save state modification, it is now faster to save state (but previously saved games are not compatible with this new version!)
  • Add .vec and .gam file extension as valid rom extension
  • Add option to change color between gray and blue

PSPVE v1.0.2 (fw 1.50)
PSPVE v1.0.2 (cfw 3.xx)
PSPVE v1.0.2 source code