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Some PSP Genesis Homebrew!

23/02/2011 14:27


And I ain’t talking about SEGA; I’m talking about the biggest homebrew competition that the scene has even seen! Believe it. Released recently are three separate brews, submitted for the PSP Genesis Competition! Below is a quick look at each…

First up: RecoveryMenu v0.2 by KaZT.U, which as the name suggests is a recovery menu compatible with all current CFW’s and HEN’s. Once everything is ironed out, RecoveryMenu will be ported to a PRX.


Submitted second is a plugins manager, appropriately titled SePlugins Manager, which lets you do exactly that… Without a PC you’re able to toggle PRX files (plugins) on/off, add or remove plugins, and prioritize the order in which plugins are loaded.


And for the Genesis hat trick: Draan’s Localizer, which is really cool, letting you manipulate XMB text on-the-fly. The idea behind Localizer is to provide XMB string translations for languages that the PSP does not support.

Read me files are provided for all three, so I suggest you look at those for more info.

Update: 5h4d0w has shared an update, SePlugins Manager v1.1 … and that’s my bad earlier, that wasn’t really version 1.2.

Topic: Some PSP Genesis Homebrew!

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