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Xperia Play In White Announced For The UK

23/02/2011 14:54
Xperia Play In White Announced For The UK

It seems everyone’s interested to see the Xperia Play in action - Including developers such as Geohot. But if you’re in the UK (like me) and dislike Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play in the classic piano black colour, you can pick a sexy looking white one providing you’re a part of O2′s coverage area in the UK. You’ll also get an exclusive attractive white dock to match your device for the same price if your start your contract with O2. If you are outside the UK, there could be hope – But keep in mind that the white device retailing outside of the UK hasn't been announced just yet. We’ve managed to get a picture of the Phone attached to its dock.

I think the white definitely works the best, the colour scheme is just better; I believe that the black is becoming more boring and generic.

We'll keep you posted whether or not the white Xperia Play goes global! :)