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ZeroRCO Patcher Released for 6.20 TN

23/02/2011 14:33

This makes for an awesome plugin should you be running 6.20 TN… NightStar3, the developer of ZeroRCO Patcher, emailed this in a few days ago, but I’m a slacker and I apologize for that, but that’s neither here nor there… What’s here and already out there is a cool means of using modified/custom resource (RCO) and gameboot files — without actually flashing them.

ZeroRCO works like this: when the plugin is activated the system will look for any RCO files and/or gameboot files in the /seplugins/RCO/ directory (works on PSPgo too). That file is then loaded instead of the flash-installed version. Much safer this way.

What’s an RCO file? RCOs are localized resource (system) files — files that define certain sounds, XMB icons, the battery icon, the opening video clip when your PSP boots, volume bars, text strings, etc… Custom themes are generally comprised of different, modified RCO files.

Now I have to respect the developer’s wishes, so we won’t be mirroring the download here. Instead I’ll ask you follow the source link; it’s unfortunate but you’ll need to register too.

Cheers NightStar3! Thanks for the email.

Topic: ZeroRCO Patcher Released for 6.20 TN

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