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ZeroRCO Patcher v0.2 Released

09/03/2011 14:09


Back in early February we told you about ZeroRCO Patcher — a plugin that’ll load customized resources (.rco) and gameboot (.pmf) files from the memory stick instead of flash. A great, safe way to test before deploying themes or other RCO-related hacks.

NightStar3 has now released ZeroRCO Patcher v0.2, which adds support for firmware 6.31 and 6.35 — and of course 6.20 still works too. Always ensure you’re manipulating and using RCO files from your installed firmware version; it’s not wise to mix ‘n match.

Again you have to visit the source if you’re interested in downloading ZeroRCO Patcher — gotta respect the developer’s wishes.

Topic: ZeroRCO Patcher v0.2 Released

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