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6.20 TN-E Coming soon, will add new features

6.20 TN-E Coming soon, will add new features


 isn’t done yet it seems. Just as well, in a recent interview with Wololo. Total_Noob talks a bit aboutwhen he came into the PSP scene and his work on his TN HEN. In one part of the interview he mentions changes he will bring with the release of -E. Below is a list the changes we can expect in -E so far:

6.20 TN-E changelog as of 14 April:


  • - Added OSK Character Limit Increase (the Internet Browser OSK only supports 512 characters. This patch allows you to use 1518 characters).
  • - Added password control at startup.
  • - Added UMD patch (umd4hombrew is not necessary anymore).
  • - Added usbdevice.
  • - Added PSX multi-disc support.
  • - Added possibility to hide hen eboot in the game menu.
  • - Added version.txt display.
  • - Added more functions to kubridge library.
  • Added a surprise

So there you have it, 6.20 TN-E is coming, no word on the release date but when we find out. We will let you know asap!




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