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6.20 TN-E (HEN) Released. ISO and PSX support + more!

6.20 TN-E (HEN) Released. ISO and PSX support + more!

 has released  (HEN) this version is so much more than the other releases. Like the other 6.xx CFW’s this one adds ISO/CSO PSX support and everything else you would expect from TN. There is no perm patch yet on this one. The changelog is below and the download is that of the fix release. Total_Noob removed a few bugs from this mornings release.

-E (HEN) changelog:


(6.20 TN-E Fix by Total_Noob)

(Changelog 6.20 TN-E Fix)
- Fixed loading of game/pops plugins.
- Fixed buffer overflow crash, TN Settings should work now.
- Fixed bug that only allows 18 items in TN Settings.

(Changelog 6.20 TN-E)
- Added ‘TN Settings’ option to the XMB where you can adjust your configurations and plugins (based on Bubbletune’s Game Categories).
- Added OSK Character Limit Increase (the Internet Browser OSK only supports 512 characters. This patch allows you to use 1518 characters).
- Added password control at startup (change password in ‘Security Settings’).
- Added sceUmdMan_driver patch (umd4hombrew is not necessary anymore).
- Added ability to access flash0, flash1, flash2, flash3 and UMD Disc via USB.
- Added PSX multi-disc support.
- Added possibility to hide hen eboot in the game menu.
- Added version.txt display.
- Added more functions to kubridge library.
- Cloned more NIDs wich Sony removed in 6.20.
- Fixed bug that didn’t show ‘Memory Card Utility’ in pops.
- Fixed syscall execution in kernel mode (thanks to neur0n).
- Redesigned NID Resolver.
- Updated NID Table.
- Improved plugins compatiblity: PSPConsole, Macro Fire, Custom Firmware Extender, Brightpad, Battery Warning Plugin and many more!

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