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6.38 TN-A Proof of concept video

6.38 TN-A Proof of concept video

Here is video proof of Total_Noob’s -A kernel exploit. Its 6.20 TN-E ported over to firmware 6.38. HacKmaN has posted this youtube video and again he comments it won’t be released. His comment is below. And yeah its looks as if the scene is getting ugly. It needn’t be of course..*Sigh*

Hey everyone,
this is a little video POC of Total_Noob’s already finished . I think I don’t have to tell you much about it, it’s simply 6.20 TN-E ported for firmware 6.38.
It will never be released, you should already know this from TN’s 6.38 kernel exploit proof of concept video.
And it’s your own fault, ungrateful users, you don’t deserve this HEN.

The scene is more ugly than it has been ever before!

Best regards,

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