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Custom Firmware 6.38 ME v1 Released for PSP-2000 + PSP-1000

Custom Firmware 6.38 ME v1 Released for PSP-2000 + PSP-1000

Update: Neur0n has updated his  v1 which now works on the PSP-1000 (aka PSP Fat) The download is located below. Remember to read the readme.txt!

 has released Custom Firmware 6.38 ME v1 for PSP-2000. Its for those that want the latest firmwareversion and CFW at that on their slim. Make sure you have a Pandora battery handy incase of bricks. This ones got a nice cool dual boot feature too, if you want OFW 6.38 just hold down the home button when you boot your PSP. Oh and you’ll need OFW 6.38 which was just released a few days ago. Downloads below.

CFW 6.38 Minimum Edition for PSP2000 by neur0n
– What is this?–
This is CFW work on PSP2000.

The degree of stability is still unknown.
Please test it on your own and refer to different people’s test reports.

–How to Install–
First, you need to install CFW or HEN(ex. 5.00M33 , 6.20TN , 6.35PRO-B3 , 6.37ME ) in your PSP.

1. copy UPDATE folder at ms0:/PSP/GAME/.
2. Put 6.38 official update at ms0:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/638.PBP .
3. Run installer from xmb.

– features –
Hold R trigger and turn on the psp, you can enter recovery menu.
Hold Home button and turn on the psp, you can Boot OFW.

– Credit –
This CFW is based Dark_AleX’s 5.00M33.
And usbdev.prx is his own.

– First release.

Custom Firmware 6.38 ME for PSP-1000 and PSP-2000

Download now

PSP Firmware 6.38 (For non PSP Go systems

Download now

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