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GameBoy, Game Gear & Master System PSP Emulator

GameBoy, Game Gear & Master System PSP Emulator

Brunni‚Äôs MasterBoy PSP emulator is able to emulate Game Boy, Sega Master System and Game Gear games on your PlayStation Portable.

MasterBoy also has a great added feature that allows users to fully re-color every single in-game object, great for bring your old gameboy games back to life with color for the first time.

MasterBoy v2.02 changelog:

* EBOOT now has icon, wallpaper and sound (thanks to Ass-Itch from PlayerAdvance for his nice BG/ICON)
* Corrected the bug of SRAM not saving properly for some people
* Added the last save date next to the save state slot number
* Enhanced SGB emulation (runs a lot faster)
* Corrected the garbage showing in the border of the render.
* Reworked the default palettes to be closer to the GBC ones.
* Augmented the maximum number of files per folder to 1024.
* Note: The bug that some people has, save states not working after saving/loading a few, is still not fixed (I could contact nobody who has this problem for debugging). In between, if you have this problem, use the RAM
state and save manually before exiting (or save less often)


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