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ISO Tool 1.968. Backup UMD’s. XMB ISO Launching on 6.xx HEN

ISO Tool 1.968. Backup UMD’s. XMB ISO Launching on 6.xx HEN

Edit:  1.968 is out and is a bug fix release. Please update to this version, the download has been updated below!  has updated ISO Tool again with various new decoding features. The changelog and download is below. ISO Tool also lets you create XMB launch icons for your ISO’s so you can load them straight from the XMB on 6.20 TN HEN and 6.xx HEN. ISO Tool can also convert ISO’s to CSO, ripp UMD’s to ISO and more.

Instructions on how to make ISO’s load from the XMB with ISO Tool.

Make sure you place your legal ISO backup copy in the ISO folder of your memory stick or internal memory for the PSP Go. On my PSP Go I used my PSP-2000 to dump my UMD of GTA:LCS.

Run ISO Tool under 5.xx CFW or 6.xx HEN, select which ISO you wish to run directly from the XMB menu with the Make XMB-ICON option. This will then make an eboot in the PSP/GAME folder which will run via the  (Included in ISO Tool’s folder).

Trouble shooting:

CSO’s don’t work!

If your having lock ups with CSO’s try the M33 driver. Place the isofs_500.prx (Use PRXdecrypter and FW 5.00 to get this file) in the folder inside ISO Tool “DATA/PIL_V2″ Then when you go to load a CSO, hold the left shoulder button when it boots to use the M33 ISO driver instead of the NP9906 driver.

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