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Mathieulh Shares His Thoughts And Opinions

Mathieulh Shares His Thoughts And Opinions

Mathieulh is a well known developer who was involved in the PSP development scene a few years ago alongside members of his fellow Team M33. He recently kicked it up a notch and got involved in the PS3 development scene alongside many other developers. So, do you guys want to know what his views and thoughts are on the topic?

Well lucky for you, Dashhacks and our source have your back! :)

Here's how it went:

What was your main reason to hack the PS3, was it just for a sense of accomplishment, or you had something else in mind?

My main reason was mostly because it was challenging, the playstation3 wasn’t documented and was pretty much unknown territory to everyone, that’s what’s motivated me.

Many people expected similar homebrew to the PSP scene, but were limited to backup managers, do you think this is a step in the wrong direction for the PS3 jailbreaking scene?

There were some nice homebrews such as FBANext on the Playtation3, but I do still believe that a majority of people seem to care more about running PlayStation 3 backups than playing homebrews and emulators or running Linux on the PlayStation 3. That’s sad because this wasn’t what the hacks were intented for as they were released. Of course, we (developers in general) had little doubts about our work being abused for piracy sooner or later, that’s a sad fact that could have been avoided if sony had led us run our own code on our legally purchased PlayStation 3 hardware. (And I am not talking about gameOS applications, Linux was fine to us)

I believe that Sony’s main issues of suing people like GeoHotz was due to jailbreaks enabling piracy, do you think that is the sole reason, or is there something else behind it.

I believe this has little to do with piracy and more to do with Sony trying to reassure both licensees and shareholders while trying to remain in “control” of the PlayStation 3 they manufactured, even though we actually did purchase these and thus own the hardware.

Finally, would you still buy future Sony devices(next one being the NGP) and hacking it?

“I will most definitely purchase a NGP whenever it comes out, I am not sure about hacking it though, console hacking is fun but it’s also time consuming and there is littler personal interest in doing it besides self-satisfaction. Maybe if curiosity gets the best of me I’ll be tempted to take a look at how their security architecture is implemented, time will tell.”

So there you have it, Mathieulh's opinions and thoughts.

We'll keep you posted on how him and his future projects are going! :)

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