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PSN Outage Due to Rebug CFW?

PSN Outage Due to Rebug CFW?

As day 6 of the ongoing PlayStation Network outage roles in, we're all sitting tight asking ourselves several questions: What's going on? How much longer? What could be so serious as to force Sony to rebuild the PlayStation Network? Well a rumour is floating around that one of the reasons may be due to something geohot and the majority of "hackers" out there had never intended to make available.

The rumour in question relates to the Rebug Custom Firmware that could potentially allow users to log into PSN and appear as if they were coming from a developer console. The harm in this is that with these credentials, a user has access to download all available content on PSN for free by overwriting any permissions set in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

By logging in under the Rebug CFW you would be able to add "dummy funds" to your PSN account wallet and in turn shop to your hearts content (or at least until your hard drive is full). Something worth mentioning is that this hacked CFW would not allow anyone to view other PSN account holders credit card information, so we can rest easy on that one (if the rumour is true of course).

No word yet as to when PlayStation Network access will be restored but you can rest assured we'll let you know the moment it's back online.

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