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PSP 3D Plugin v1.0 Released.

PSP 3D Plugin v1.0 Released.

Anmabagima has updated his  to support Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. You can now “play” with the  appearance by hold R + L Shoulder and using digipad left or right.

PSP 3D Plugin v1.0 Changelog:

new game support: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
in-game 3D-Mode change possible. While keeping L-Trigger and R-Trigger pressed you could use the following keys to “play” with the 3D appearence while the 3D mode is active in the game you are playing:
* Left/Right of the digi-Pad is changing the shift amount of the anaglyph colors
* 3D activiation key (default is NOTE) to toggle the anaglyph colors from red/cyan to geen/pink and to yellow/blue

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