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PSP Genesis Comp: Seplugins Manager v1.2b1

PSP Genesis Comp: Seplugins Manager v1.2b1

This is one application your PSP shouldn’t be without, unless you don’t use plug-ins. But we all do ;) Another entry in the  5h4d0w’s  lets you enable, disable or edit plug-ins with ease. All on the go, no more having to edit the seplugin text files to disable a conflicting plug-in. Just fire this up no PC/Mac needed.

Developer’s notes:

Tested on 5.00 M33, 5.03 GEN, 5.50 GEN, 6.20 TN and 6.35 PRO (the latter two don’t have recovery menus).
You can enable and disable plugins without a computer.
Works on PSP GOs, and can force loading from “ms0:/” instead of “ef0:/” (the internal storage).

Can add, edit, remove, toggle, and move plugins in all three .txt files.
(When adding a plugin, do NOT add the device name (ef0:/ or ms0:/) OR the 1/0 switch; It will add them for you.)

Only loads from .txt files that exist. If they don’t exist, it creates them for you.
You can revert your changes by pressing [SELECT].
Gives the option to auto-exit from the app once you save your changes.

Allows you to decide which options are available (by editing the config).
(Example: You give a friend your PSP for a while but don’t want him messing with your plugins, so you disable what you don’t want him to do.)

Nice pop-up menu.
Can be “themed” (by editing the config; unfinished.).
Will strip-out any empty lines in your text files, making them look cleaner.


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