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Total_Noob: 6.38 Kernel Exploit Found

Total_Noob: 6.38 Kernel Exploit Found

 decided to take a look at the latest PSP Firmware to see if you could find any Kernel exploits.Proving just how Pro he is, he discovered a Kernel Exploit in 6.38 after only one week searching. Doesn’t look like we will be seeing a  however, judging from his comment. Personally I think many would be content seeing a  without an ISO loader.

When I got a new PSPgo (other one was bricked, ’cause this **** Perma-Patch), I decided to spend some time to find a new Kernel Exploit. This is the result after one week. It is not going to be released, ’cause there’s no ISO-Loader integrated, so you guys are probably not content with it.

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