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Ultimate Recovery Menu v6 for 6.20 TN-D Permanent

Ultimate Recovery Menu v6 for 6.20 TN-D Permanent

Ok this relates to this here: 6.20 TN-D Permanent patch Its for those of you that are running permanent TN-D. Grab this and you’ll be sporting Ultimate recovery menu v6 on your Perma TN-D hacked PSP. This comes via TOcean who has updated Ceikor’s Ultimate recovery menu to work with  perm. Big changelog is below if your interested, otherwise the download is below..Its been tested on PSP-1000′s, PSP-2000′s and PSP Go’s

Ultimate Recovery Menu v6 for 6.20 TN-D Permanent changelog:

Version 1:
[!] Added compatiblity for 6.20 TN-D

Version 2:
[!] Changed M33 network update to TN-HEN Update
[+] Added compatiblity for PSP GO Systemstorage

Version 3:
[!] Fixing the bug in TN Network update!

Version 4:
[!] Fixing bug for USB connections!
[+] Added compatiblity to exit the recovery menu witouth power switch! «- Exit with ()
[!] Fixed bug
[!] Edited 5.XX kernel to 6.XX kernel
[-] Removed 1.50 kernel

Version 5: (Release Date= 01-04-2011 23-04-2011)
[+] Added compatiblity to start Sony Updaters
[-] Removed Recovery Flasher
[-] Removed Battery options
[!] Fixing Crashes 50%
[-] Removing Nand Restore function!
[!] Added compatiblity to Restore and Backup your Nand!!! (i think you can fix semi bricks)
[+] Added compatiblity for 6.20TN-D patcher with sony logo
[-] Removed the ISO Driver. (TN have no build in ISOLoader)
[-] Removing the funtion if it does not work
[+] Changed Recovery Menu titel
[+] Added full compatiblity
[+] You can now delete the vsh.txt
[!] You can now use waves for 6.XX (Place on ms0:/syrec/… rename to “‘system_pe.rco”)
[!] You can now toggle Flash1 (you can’t toggle with version 4)
[!] You can now disable plugins
[!] 65% Compatiblity

Version 6: (I have help needed send a private message)
[+] Added dutch language
[+] Added 6.XX color compatiblity

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