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YAPM Plugins Manager (PSP Genesis Competition entry)

YAPM Plugins Manager (PSP Genesis Competition entry)

Some first entries in the PSP Genesis Competition are starting to roll in. (Remember dev’s this is the biggest homebrew comp ever, $4500 in price money!) Strangelove brings us a rather cool looking Plugin Manager. The perfect application to manage your plugins without the need for a computer and test editor. Do it all right from your PSP.



“YAPM (A) Plugins Manager” is just what the name implies. It’s a homebrew to
keep your PRX plugins organized. It started out as a project to get more
experience coding for the PSP and also because other Plugin Managers at the
time either had bugs or were written in a foreign language, or both.

The name stands for “Yet Another Plugin Manager” it is also a recursive
acronym. It is coded using the OldSchool library and the MyPSPw toolchain.


- Graphical, not text based.
- Statistics and help screen.

Toggle plugins on/off.
- Edit lines w/ on-screen keyboard.
- Remove and insert lines.
- Save and load .txt files.

- Creates .txt files if they don’t exist.
- Handles unix, macintosh and windows text files.
- Automatically removes empty lines.
- Secret screenshot function. :D

- Eye-candy.
- Small size.
- English language.

Download now

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